Still Falling Down

Still Falling Down

Oh, for a play on Broadway

I saw Tarzan on
Broadway the other night. Not the ape-man, but the
pallid Disney
If anyone suggests going to see this particular entertainment, kill them. The 8 to 25 years in jail (assuming no one in the jury has seen it) will be infinitely preferable to the 2 hours of abject misery in the theatre.

The New Yorkers leaving the theatre all had looks of stunned disbelief on their faces. The out-of-towners, of course, loved it and gave it a standing ovation. Well, not
out-of-towners loved it.

Best line leaving the theatre: “I liked the movie better”. They were referring, obviously, to the cartoon.

I think I remember seeing a play on Broadway once. It was an uplifting experience. No music. Just some very talented actors making the audience think and feel. Back
downtown to off-off-Broadway, I guess.

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