Still Falling Down

Still Falling Down

Read the RFCs! That’s why they’re there!

Once again, I’ve been told that an IP address can only have one PTR resource record.
We got a new Internet connection in the office, and I requested 2 PTR records for an IP address on that connection to provide reverse address lookup. Can’t have email rejected for lack of a reverse IP entry. After being ignored by Support for 2 days, I sent the request to the Account Manager, who said the request was rejected because I had 2 hostnames for one IP address, and that’s not allowed.

I’ve heard this almost every time I’ve set up a new Internet connection since 1996. I can’t believe there are techs who still think this is true.

From RFC2181 (

10.2. PTR records

   Confusion about canonical names has lead to a belief that a PTR
   record should have exactly one RR in its RRSet.  This is incorrect,
   the relevant section of RFC1034 (section 3.6.2) indicates that the
   value of a PTR record should be a canonical name.  That is, it should
   not be an alias.  There is no implication in that section that only
   one PTR record is permitted for a name.  No such restriction should
   be inferred.

Let’s go folks. Just because Jon is dead, it doesn’t mean that RFCs don’t matter anymore.

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