Still Falling Down

Still Falling Down

Who attends Milton High School other than males and females?

Reuters reports today that a male high-school student in an affluent Boston suburb has filed a federal civil-rights complaint against his school because “the girls are treated better”.

OK, the obligatory “Get used to it kid. Wait until you’re married!”

Aside from the whiny complaint “Aw mom, Tiffany gets a better seat in Hegelian Dualism than I do!”, we have to note the principal’s reaction to the filing of this complaint:

“I don’t understand any basis for that complaint. Milton High School does not discriminate against males, females or anybody else for that matter.

So exactly which genders, other than male or female, is Dr. Drottar, the school’s principal, concerned about here?

As the school’s own Affirmative Action Plan shows, the 2000 census did not find any genders in Milton, MA other than male and female.

It’s heartening to see diversity and inclusion go beyond even the known human genders, although it apparently doesn’t apply to everybody who wants to be included.

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